The Roundabout: Online market place for disability aids

One of the largest out of pocket expenses for people with disabilities and their families are disability aids. Especially as the costs of disability equipment is up to 50% higher than in most other countries.  As a result currently many people with disabilities are left waiting for years to obtain access to equipment that will improve their lives.


The Roundabout is a service founded because there is a lot of disability aid equipment that is no longer being used and there is no ready market to sell it. The founders , Amanda Reed and Shirley Watson, created an online market place specifically for disability equipment.

Shirley and Amanda, founders of The Roundabout

Shirley and Amanda, founders of The Roundabout

As Amanda puts it “…people should have access to disability and mobility equipment that will allow them to develop, recover and maintain their independence without a huge financial strain.” Their aim is to reduce the cost and increase the use of equipment throughout its lifespan. Also by being able to sell their unused equipment, the sellers are able to better finance new purchases.

They have already put over $100,000 worth of equipment into people’s lives and is continue to expand, recently employing additional staff.

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